RKI Instruments

A website redesign focused on modernization, improved navigability, and conversion


Decrease In bounce-rate


Increase in conversions, YoY


Increase in Site Speed

The Challenge

RKI Instruments first partnered with Fruition in 2018 for service desk support on their existing website. When the pain and challenge of managing and optimizing a website with a core codebase that was overly complicated and outdated became too much for their team to tolerate, we were happy to be there to help them start fresh with a new WordPress build.





Our Strategy

We were focused on a faster site that was easier to manage and had a more modern design
The client’s priorities were simple and straightforward – make our site faster, less prone to breaking, easier to manage, with a modern design better suited for increased digital marketing efforts – so our approach was simple too. We used a modular design approach to create a site that made it super easy to build new pages and utilized custom post types to make managing their content that much quicker.


An outdated site was hurting conversions.
Even for visitors of the site who were not interacting with the backend, it was clear from the aesthetics that RKIinstruments.com had not been refreshed in many years. For brand continuity on their contemporary new site, we retained and emphasized the shade of red that is synonymous with RKI and their parent company, Riken Keiki. Fonts, imagery, and other design elements were all chosen to convey the attributes of reliability, hard-earned expertise, and preparedness that are also synonymous with RKI’s tried and true gas detection products. Fruition’s focus on creating valuable and searchable content helped C Lazy U Ranch achieve it’s goals by increasing site visits, engagement, and awareness of their ranch. The agency’s innovative approach to creating valuable and searchable content has proven to be an effective way to drive traffic and improve SEO.

Project Photos

The Results

An improved UX led to increased conversions
While this website doesn’t feature a traditional ecommerce storefront, it does serve as a one stop shop for buyers looking to explore RKI’s products and solutions and previous customers looking for information about their item. Prominent calls to action make it easy for users to reach products and product information and the individual product pages provide ample resources for buyers and owners to understand the ins and outs of any given detector and how to maintain it so it lasts a lifetime, as it’s designed to do.


increase in site traffic to blog pages alone


Increase in unique pageviews to blog pages


Increase in time spent on page